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In this course you will learn a unique dasha system to time events known as Chara dasha of Jamini Astrology. I never confirm an event without looking at charadasha which is much easier dasha to understand. I have already made first 6 lessons with digital white board and PDF lessons. 

6 major lessons with videos and examples are ready to view and download. 

When the course officially starts on April 2nd, 2022 I will make additional 6 lessons showing how to predictions marriage, child birth, jobs, travels, meeting a guru etc. Each new lesson will be uploaded every week. 

Once you see the simplcity of chara dasha you will feel why you never used it in first place. When I completed my III levels of Jamini course under my teacher I used only chara dasha for a whole month and found excellent results. Combining chara dasha with Vimshottri dasha excells your predictive ability by 108 notches. 

I will activate the certificate once all lessons are done.

Just like other courses this course is non-refundable. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Special Ascendants of Jamini (Arudha, Karakamsa, Swamsa)

    • What is AL, KL, SL, UL and PADAS

  • 2

    Special Points of Jamini (Indu Lagna, Gatika Lagna, Hora Lagna) The Magic Point

    • Special Points of Jamini

  • 3

    Calculation of Chara Dasha

    • Chara Dasha Calculation

  • 4

    What is Chara Dasha?

    • Chara Dasha

    • Jamini Sutra

    • How to use Chara dashas?

    • How to use chara dasha part 2

    • How to use Charadasha (Lesson from 2018)

  • 5

    Understanding Argla In Jamini

    • Argla & Virodha

    • What is Argla in Jamini Astrology

  • 6

    Timing Birth of Children Using Chara dasha

    • timing of children

    • video coming soon

    • pada transit secret of Child Birth

    • Strange and Mysterious thing happened

    • Best day to conceive a child

  • 7

    Timing Marriage using Chara dasha

    • marriage timing of student 1

    • Marriage timing of student 2

    • important message

    • Marriage timing of student 3

  • 8

    Timing Promotions using Chara Dasha

    • Student Chart 1

    • feedback

    • student career chart 2

    • student career chart 3 and marriage remedy email

  • 9

    Timing of getting a property

    • Student chart 1

    • marriage remedy flaw shown to a student

    • Student Chart 2 home

    • student Chart 3 home

  • 10

    Timing of Foreign Travels

    • video coming soon

  • 11

    Timing of Change of Jobs

    • video coming soon

  • 12

    Timing of Meeting a Guru/Spiritual Activation

    • video coming soon