The Ancestral School of Jyotish

Kapiel Raaj bio

I, Kapiel Raaj have had my Youtube channel based on Vedic Astrology for past 9 years where I discuss all the basic and advance of Vedic Astrology. My Youtube channel is KRSchannel and website I myself am writing my bio and not making it look like a third party extravaganza. I am me, I am real and I am just like you; curious about the world of Astrology and mysticism. 

I have been lucky enough in the past 7 years to learn from some of the best Jyotish gurus across the world, especially my Jamini guru Marc Boney who was my first official Instructor back in 2014 since my uncle in India who got me started in Jyotish . I have also learned some of the most simplest and best secrets of Jyotish from Dr. Arjun pai and Dr. Santhip Kalnoli who are masters of Nakshatras. I first met my gurus and many other teachers by inviting them on my Youtube channel for interviews, classes and discussions since 2012. I couldn't keep the light all on myself and wanted to share the stage with people who were far more smarter than me. The only way to learn true wisdom is to find someone who has more wisdom than you. 

My mission is to make professional Vedic Astrologers through this school who can go out in the world and not only help themselves earn a living but help others who are in dyer need as I was once.

You can pay for the course with Stripe or Paypal. If you are going to pay with Stripe in installment then make sure you have enough funds for the 2nd payment in the card because it will automatically take out the money on the 2nd month, and if you do not then it will stop you from accessing the school, but when you have funds it will again try to charge the next month, so do not make this complicated. Either pay in 1 go or have 169 in your card/account before the 2nd charge date. 


Terms & Condition

There are no refunds once you purchase the course regardless of how much or how little you have viewed the course. 

Users are not allowed to upload videos and materials from the school to any other social media platform or a website. All the material inside the school is for private use for the student only. All the material inside the school is copyrighted under KRSchannel and Kapiel Raaj. You cannot ask for refund after you start lessons because I will have to spend money to run the school and to make sure things are going well and it's just a good moral practice to not ask for money back if someone is working hard in providing you with extremely valuable knowledge. You might be earning money at one point in this field through this knowledge and paying it forward to your own future students and the freedom you will have in following your passion.

You must be 18 years of age or older to get the course or to have a permission from your guardian. By purchasing the course we are assuming you are over the age of 18 to view some of the content that is discussed in the course that adult rated.

I also want to thank you for helping me live my future with freedom and making my dream come true of opening my ideal astrology school that I never could have in my days.