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This Vastu course is not to make you a professional Vastu expert, but to help you in your own personal environment and how to make changes without knowing any technical things related to Vastu.  With everything that you see online I have tried and tested these methods and whichever have worked for me and my clients I am bringing it to you. 

Our lives are 33% destiny, 33% astrological karma and 33% the environment we live in. If we can make 2 out of 3 good life becomes much easier to navigate. 

There is no certification at the end of the lesson because this is only a self-help course in a short time duration. The main point of these lessons are so you can bring WEALTH and ABUNDANCE in your life. 

Many are wondering why this course is so cheap? the reason being I have been at the spot where you have where i wanted to improve my life but didn't have the high funds to pay; I want everyone who is eagerly seeking a better life to get this knowledge and I know only the true seekers will come due to my own Saturn. 

Course curriculum

    1. Vastu Lesson 1

    2. Vastu Lesson 2 (door openings)

    3. Checking Door Direction

    4. Vastu Lesson 3 (element cycle)

    5. Vastu Lesson 4 (Shapes & Directions)

    6. Vastu Lesson 5 (elements & anti-elements)

    7. Vastu Lesson 7 (Mirrors)

    8. Vastu Lesson 6 (stairs)

    9. Vastu Lesson 8 (Toliets)

    10. Vastu Lesson 9 PART A (Understanding Zones)

    11. Vastu Lesson 9 PART B (Understanding Zones)

    12. Vastu Lesson 10 (home office)

    13. Vastu Lesson 11 (cuts)

    14. Vastu Kitchen Remedy

    15. Vastu practical remedies part 1

    16. Vastu Practical remedies part 2 (final)

    17. Vastu Health Solutions

    18. Vastu and Plants Technique

    19. Vastu Wealth Painting Remedy

    20. Vastu wealth painting remedy part II

    21. Vastu Practical remedies part 3 (Final Video)

    22. Toilet Remedy

    23. Vastu Door Remedy

    24. New Fire remedy

    25. Avoid this at all cost in Vastu

    26. Gas stove ready update

    27. New style toilet remedy

    28. Washing Machine Remedy

    29. SW and NE conflict and front door back door

    30. Best entrances for all 4 directions

About this course

  • $49.99
  • 30 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

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