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    3. Nakshatras @ The Speed of Light Book

    4. Ashwini

    5. Bharani

    6. Krittika

    7. Rohini

    8. Mrigshira

    9. Ardara

    10. Punarvasu

    11. Pushya

    12. Ashlesha

    13. Magha

    14. Purva Phalguni

    15. Uttara Phalguni

    16. Hasta

    17. Chitra

    18. Swati

    19. Vishaka

    20. Anuradha

    21. Jyeshtha

    22. Moola

    23. Purava Ashada

    24. Uttara Ashada

    25. Sharavan

    26. Dhanishta

    27. Shatabisha

    28. Purva Bhadrapada

    29. Uttara Bhadrapada

    30. Revati

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Inside The Book

This book is first of its kind. It contains detail description of each nakshatra with predictive key points along with observational research. Each day the author studied the transits of moon along with other planets and observed the themes playing out which are provided inside the book. Nakshatras are the 27 lunar mansions and are the expansion of 12 zodiac signs. Once you have studied nakshatras you will no longer have the need to use zodiac signs to make predictions. Nakshatras are the key to unlock the mysteries of our daily lives and how we experience similar themes and patterns. 

The author also reveals a very deep information of his life which occurred on a certain moon nakshatra day. It was a life changing event he he has never mentioned on open social media.