All videos and course material is now available for all nakshatras when you sign up for the nakshatra course. 

The course material will be available even after the course is complete so one can join anytime you like. There is no expiration date. 

Details of Lessons



Taught by Kapiel Raaj 

What are nakshatras? Naskhatras are the 27 constellations in the sky within the 12 zodiac signs. Nakshatras are the stories we live and play out here on earth. When you study nakshatras you are studying a new and simple way of analyzing a person's life. 

This course will have the same concept as Vedic Astrology Simplified. I will upload video lessons along with work sheets, there after you will take a small quiz. This is going to be a quick course not like the last one which took me more than a year to complete. The course should run no more than 2-4 months. I will show you how each planet is behaving in every nakshatra. We will start with Ashiwni nakshatra and end with Revati nakshatra. 

Once you learn Nakshatra, what they represent, how to study them and how to use planets in each nakshatra you not just understand astrology but you will start understanding life. You will not look at life the same way around on daily basis when you grasp the illumination of nakshatras. You will know when to do what activity and what type of activity with nakshatras. 

I will also talk about Ascendant nakhsatra and its utmost importance in once life. This will be seen when I teach you the "Key-Points" of each nakshatras which we will extract from the mythology. 

I have already provided planets through naksahtra in written form in PDF but in the videos I will talk about the extraction of information from nakshatras and after each 9 nakshatra i will make 1 video going over the use of planets. 

I will first upload the worksheet then the video. In the beginning I have Ashwini to Magha lessons complete and as I go along I will upload the rest. This is just to get started for the brand new students. 

I will upload Nakshatra lessons every week, they can range for 2 to 5 nakshatras per week. 

Two payment option is also available now. But make sure you use the card that has enough funds in two months because if you don't, it will not let you access the material in the course. If you have a re-fill card then make sure enough money is there before the due date of the 2nd payment otherwise  then it can charge you three payments if you make the 2nd payment with another card while the older card has funds at a later date because it does automatic payments. Please be careful of this as I had to do a lot of manual payments and refunds of extra payment to many students for last course and its too time consuming, so I am doing this for as a trail after many of you requested it. Its better to just pay it once and be done with it. 

There is a simple certificate at the end. Also you will have to request the certificate on your end after the completion of the course. It's not automatically sent to you. 

There is no refund for this course once you join.

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The course is $195.00 one payment either via Paypal or Stripe