Details of The Course


The lessons inside are accessible for a lifetime as long as the website exists.

You can make a payment with Stripe or Paypal. 

All classes take place inside the school website. The courses are not emailed. The videos, quizzes, worksheets etc are inside the school website. 

The course started from August 20th 2018. Once all the videos and lessons are uploaded by July 2019 you can watch them for as long as you want as many times as you want.

Learn at your own pace at your own time. You are not restricted by a certain timing of the day. Take however long you like to complete the classes.

Lesson 1 : Foundation of Jyotish / 4 Pillars

Lesson 2: Basics Terminology

Lesson 3: Gunas

Lesson 4: Elements

Lesson 5: Hora (Instant predictive technique without any knowledge of horoscope) + Planets vs. Grahas  

Lesson 6: Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Guilka/Mandi (I will not be talking about Uranus, Neptune or Pluto for right now even though they are now being interrogated in Jyotish practices.

Lesson 7: degrees of planets/signs 

Lesson 8: Zodiac Signs 

Lesson 9: Retrograde/combust  Planets

Lesson 10: Understanding the Birth Chart 

Lesson 11: House Understanding

Lesson 12: Ascendants and their hidden code. All 12 ascendants will be covered in 1 week. 

Lesson 13: Planets through signs (Crash Course)

Lesson 14: Planets through Houses (Crash Course)

Lesson 15: Dispositors

Lesson 16: House activation Techniques

Lesson 17: Empty Houses in Astrology

Lesson 18: Group of Houses

Lesson 19: Bhavat Bhavam (House to House relationship)

Lesson 20 28 Nakshatras (crash course  with 3 videos in 1 week)

Lesson 21: Dashas (Time Cycle)

Lesson 22: Aspects of Planets

Lesson  23: Mutual aspects and Mutual reception (Parivartan yoga)

Lesson  24: Conjunction of planets with (Hidden techniques)

Lesson  25: Relationships of planets

Lesson  26: Panchanga The Foundation of Birth

Lesson  27: Transits

Lesson  28: Ashtakavarga

Lesson  29: Yogas

Lesson  30: Nakshatra (Snapshot Techniques)

Lesson  31: Tribhai dasha

Lesson 32: The Divisional Charts 

Hidden Techniques of Divisional charts








Lesson 33: Basics of Jamini Astrology

Lesson 34: Karakas

Lesson 35: Snapshot Hidden Techniques of Planets

Lesson 36: Timing of Children

Lesson 37: Timing of Marriage/Relationship

Lesson 38: Understanding your spouse 

Lesson 39: Basics of Match Making (Not the traditional way) 

Lesson 40: Timing of Promotion

Lesson 41: Timing of health Issues/accidents

Lesson  42: Timing of Travel

Lesson  43: Timing of Divorce (If there is any yoga)

Lesson  44: Timing of Spiritual Progress

Lesson  45: Timing of Education

Lesson 46: Timing itself (Prashana)

Certificate of completion: Yes, you will get a certificate of completion after the course is done.

The reason why this course is so cheap is because I will not be doing LIVE one on one interaction. I will not be answering every single question or concern as it will eat away my time if I cratered to all students since this is open to as many students as possible. I am right now starting this as a self learning school but to interrogate other elements such as Q & A, live discussions even in person discussions I would need funding and it will take time. 

There are no refunds once you purchase the course. Sometimes the pricing will be different due to on going promotions. The pricing of the course can change at anytime. It can go higher or lower.


For a small one time payment you will get all the 50 + lessons provided inside. There are no semesters, or levels. You will simply learn everything I know for one price. In future I may bring about specific courses but for now everything will be taught for one price. There is no deadline or time limit. Joint and study at your own pace and your own speed. The way I have designed the course is like no other course online. I use a certain type of method to ingrain the simplicity of astrology in you. The price of the course can change at anytime due to promotions etc. There are no refunds once you purchase the course.