Learn About Your Time Cycles of Change

I will show you how to study Vimshottari Mahadasha and different situations related to different aspects of live during Major, sub and sub periods. The course starts on February 9th 2021. 

Mahadashas are the time cycles that everyone on earth is going through of a particular planets from Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu to Venus. Each planet brings about a certain fixed karma in a person's life and how each planet changes you and your personality completely from one dasha to the other. 

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We will get into Nakshatras and see how vital of a role they play in the dashas system. 

I will show timing of promotions, marriage, accidents, relationships, foreign travels, illness, spiritual progress, child birth and other things... Including the 4 most important planets in dasha system which are also the 4 planets that show you your path of the soul, career, desire etc. 

We will also use a particular Paddathi to see how easy it is to see what is to come out of a dasha. 

I will make it as simple and easy for you as possible. I have uploaded 3 videos for now and rest of the lessons will start from Feburary 9th. 

I will show simple secrets remedies as well of each planetary dasha which are in lesson 5 which are currently being 

I will activate the certificate after I complete the lessons. 

There are no refunds once you purchase the course. 

As I progress in the course the video list below will increase. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Book: Mahadashas @ The Speed of Light

    • Mahadasha @ the speed of lightBoo

  • 2


    • Introduction

  • 3

    What are Mahadashas?

    • What are mahadahas?

    • Study of Mahadasha Lesson 1 from previous course (more videos will come after Feb 9th)

  • 4

    4 Most important planets in dasha system (SECRET OF THE DASHA SYSTEM)

    • 4 Most Important dashas in your life

  • 5

    Each Planetary Dasha Meaning with remedy

    • Sun Dasha

    • Sun dasha part II

    • Sun dasha III

    • Moon dasha

    • Mars Dasha

    • Jupiter Dasha

    • Venus (Shukra) Dasha

    • Mercury Dasha

    • Saturn Dasha

    • Rahu Dasha

    • Ketu Dasha

  • 6

    Tribhagi dasha scheme

    • What is Trabhi Dasha and why to use it?

  • 7

    Kriya of Sun and Moon (Shortcut secret)

    • Kriya of Sun and Moon

  • 8


    • Dasha Quiz 1

  • 9

    What is DP and ADP in a Chart?

    • What is DP chart and ADP?

  • 10

    understanding Elements

    • Understanding Elements

    • Elements and Dasha

  • 11

    Karaka Scheme and Dasha

    • Karaka and Dasha

  • 12

    Studying Charts to Understand Mahadashas

    • Sun dasha study part 1

    • Sun Dasha part 2

    • Sun dasha part iii

    • Sun dasha part IV

    • Sun Antar dasha study

    • Moon Dasha Part 1

    • Moon Dasha Part II

    • Moon dasha pravesh and antar dasha Part 1

    • Moon dasha pravesh and antar dasha Part 2

    • Mars Dasha Part 1

    • Mars Dasha Part II

    • Mars dasha part III

    • Rahu Dasha Part 1

    • Rahu dasha Part II

    • Rahu Dasha Part III

    • Jupiter dasha Part I

    • Jupiter Part II

    • Jupiter Part III

    • Saturn Part I

    • Saturn Part II

    • Saturn Dasha Part III

    • Mercury Dasha Part I

    • Mercury Dasha Part II

    • Mercury Dasha Part III

    • Ketu Dasha Part 1

    • Ketu Dasha Part II

    • Ketu Part III

    • Venus Part I

    • Venus Dasha Part II

    • Venus Dasha Part III

  • 13

    Timing of Marriage/Relationship Vimshottari dasha

    • Marriage Timing

    • marriage and relationship timing

  • 14

    Timing of Promotions and Jobs

    • Career and Promotions

    • career promotions

  • 15

    Timing of Foreign Travels with Dashas

    • Timing of Foreign Travels and Settlements

    • Foreign Settlement

  • 16

    Timing illness or health issues

    • Timing of Health

    • Timing of Illness

  • 17

    Timing of Home Purchase

    • Timing of Home Purchase

    • Home Purchase Timing

  • 18

    Timing of Children

    • Timing of Children or Childbirth

    • Timing of Children

  • 19

    Timing of Spiritual Progress

    • Spiritual Progress

    • Spiritual Progress